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《紋身藝術家的黑皮書》(The Tattoo Artists Black Bo
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發布時間 2017/7/18
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《紋身藝術家的黑皮書》(The Tattoo Artists Black Bo 簡介:   導讀: 簡介: 內容簡介一個叫理查德Lemmay寫了一本小書叫做“紋身藝術家的黑皮書”,你可以在找互聯網上免費下載。講了些怎麼設計象征圖案,以及如何照顧你的紋身等等歡迎來到我的世界。 簡介: 內容簡介 一個叫理查德Lemmay寫了一本小書叫做“紋身藝術家的黑皮書”,你可以在找互聯網上免費下載。講了些怎麼設計象征圖案,以及如何照
"《紋身藝術家的黑皮書》(The Tattoo Artists Black Bo"介紹
  導讀: 簡介: 內容簡介一個叫理查德Lemmay寫了一本小書叫做“紋身藝術家的黑皮書”,你可以在找互聯網上免費下載。講了些怎麼設計象征圖案,以及如何照顧你的紋身等等歡迎來到我的世界。 簡介:

Welcome to my world. My name is Rich LeMay and I am a Tattoo Artist. I have been tattooing for longer than I have the ability to remember, and its all I have ever wanted to do. I have fought all my life to be a tattoo artist despite the bulk of the world telling me it was a pipe dream. I immersed myself in a world like no other. A battle field of the boundaries set by society which told me that I would be less of a person if I followed my true calling. I have worked my way from being all but homeless at the age of sixteen to operating several studios over the years and now own a respected tattoo studio (Madd Hatter Tattoos in Spencer, WV) at twenty-eight. My own trials and tribulations to see how far I was willing to leap from the edge of what is considered normal life was for the sake of being a tattoo artist. Not many tattoo artists really know what they have or the true level of dedication it deserves. It has been a long and arduous path which I would do again if it were twice as difficult. Tattooing has, for me, been the root that every piece of happiness in my life has grown from. I can only wish you the same fortune I have had.
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