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《建築三維模擬設計軟件》(Pixelplan Flow Architect Studio 3D)v1.6.0.Bilingual<持續更新>[壓縮包]
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資源類別 行業軟件
發布時間 2017/7/17
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《建築三維模擬設計軟件》(Pixelplan Flow Architect Studio 3D)v1.6.0.Bilingual<持續更新>[壓縮包] 簡介: 資料介紹 相關專題學習資料: 3D處
"《建築三維模擬設計軟件》(Pixelplan Flow Architect Studio 3D)v1.6.0.Bilingual<持續更新>[壓縮包]"介紹


  • 3D處理軟件工具

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問題反饋: http://www.pixelplan.pl/index.php?pid=firm...&lang=en
網站鏈接: http://www.pixelplan.pl/index.php?pid=oferta&lang=en

軟件介紹:Flow Architect Studio 3D 是一款建築三維模擬設計軟件。

PIXELPLAN流建築師工作室3D是一個軟件包,它使一個簡單易用的方法來創建互動式三維可視化 - 虛擬散步。建立可視化就像計算機程序位於一個文件,並且適合進一步分發和在網站上公布

PIXELPLAN Flow Architect Studio 3D is a software package that enables a simple and easy way to create interactive 3D visualization - virtual walks. Created visualizations are like a computer program, located in one file and are suitable for further distribution and publication on the website.

In PIXELPLAN Flow Architect Studio 3D

* You can quickly and easily create a visualization of any object
* You have to keep the facilities built preview (WYSIWYG)
* You have the ability to build any walls and create custom objects
* And deploy them freely
* You can arrange the lighting in a natural way
* And create animations of selected geometric objects
* You can use libraries of models, materials and textures
* You can generate the final visualization from Your project in a simple way
* You can import new models for libraries
* And build from scratch your own library

Visualization created using PIXELPLAN Flow Architect Studio 3D

* Is a computer program that allows you to walk freely in your visualization
* Uses the latest 3D technology
* Has dynamic lighting
* And dynamic shadows
* Allows to define a new dimension of visualization term.

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