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《電影收藏管理工具》(Movie Label 2012)v7.0.1.1466/多國語言含中文/含破解文件[壓縮包]
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發布時間 2017/7/17
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《電影收藏管理工具》(Movie Label 2012)v7.0.1.1466/多國語言含中文/含破解文件[壓縮包] 簡介: 資料介紹 相關專題學習資料: 管理學
"《電影收藏管理工具》(Movie Label 2012)v7.0.1.1466/多國語言含中文/含破解文件[壓縮包]"介紹


  • 管理學

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應用平台:Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000.
問題反饋: http://www.codeaero.com/help.htm
網站鏈接: http://www.codeaero.com/movie-label/index.html
引用Unpack, Install.
Copy cracked files from /crk dir to app dir, replacing the files.
If you like this app, BUY it!
強大而易用的電影收藏管理工具,采用經典的Ribbon界面,能夠管理DVD、Blue-ray、VHS、LD以及硬盤上的影片。它可以從互聯網上搜索下載你所有收藏的影片的各種信息,方便你的管理。由於是從 IMDB 或 Amazon 上下載你收藏電影的相關數據,所以歐美影片數據比較豐富,國產和日韓電影數據相對較少,但可以很方便的自己手動編輯。
2012新版同樣支持電影租借管理、報表統計、演員管理等功能,並且可以添加更多電影封面、可以直接進入 IMDB 頁面。從舊版本升級到新版時會自動轉換升級你的電影數據庫。

Movie Label 2012
Rediscover Your Movie Collection

Do you remember when you bought your first DVD? Relive that feeling everytime you get a new movie with Movie Label 2012.

More than a movie database !

Movie Label is a better kind of movie database for any size movie collection. Remember, your movie collection is an investment so make sure you treat it like one. Movie Label makes manging movies a breeze for thousands of happy users around the world. After you've bought Movie Label you will wonder how you ever lived without it. And rest assured, you will never outgrow it.

What can Movie Label do for you ?

Organize all your movies in no time. Simply type titles or scan barcodes and all information about your movies and TV-series is automatically downloaded.
Automatically catalog movies from your hard drives. Movie Label can automatically scan your hard drives for movie files.
Find those golden oldies with the powerful yet easy-to-use search engine.
Save money by not purchasing duplicate movies and by keeping track of DVDs on loan.
Get the full picture of your collection with statistics and reports.
Catalog any kind of media ranging from DVD and Blu-ray to Divx movies on your hard drive, or even VHS if you still have those. You can even add your own media types, making Movie Label future proof.
Learn new things about your movies by reading the downloaded information and trivia.
Export your collection and save it on your mobile device to carry it along at all times. Movie Label exports to a variety of formats (Pro Edition Only).
No Limits! Keep any number of databases of any size.

What information is downloaded ?

Media: Cover Art, Trailer link.
Lists: Cast, Crew, Genres, Audio Formats, Languages, Subtitles, Aspect Ratios, TV-series episodes (including plot etc for each episode).
Info: Title, Original Title, Plot, Tagline, Studio, Release Date, Certification, Country, Rating, Trivia (fun facts), etc..
File Data: Codec, Video Size, Resolution, Format, Standard, Bitrate, Framerate.
And more: Apart from the downloaded information you can add a lot of info: Last Watched, Special Features, Rating, Price, Location, Website, etc..

Movie Label fully support Unicode and is available in several different languages.


Quickly get your movie library organized by typing the title or barcode.
Catalog any type of media (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, LD, Divx, etc).
Scan your hard drive to find movie files and add them to your collection.
Keep track of movies on loan with the built-in loan manager.
Search and sort your collection with one click.
Print reports and watch a variety of statistics.
Export to various formats (HTML, XML, PDF, Excel, etc). (Pro Edition Only)
Export to Netwalk Movies (for iPhone/iPod/iPad) and bring your collection with you.
Keep a list of wanted and ordered items.
Create any number of databases of any size.

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