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《阿沃奇聯盟》(Arvoch Alliance)硬盤版/更新v1.208[壓縮包]
下載分級 游戏资源
資源類別 硬盤游戲
發布時間 2017/7/13
大       小 -
《阿沃奇聯盟》(Arvoch Alliance)硬盤版/更新v1.208[壓縮包] 簡介: 中文名稱 : 阿沃奇聯盟 英文名稱 : Arvoch Alliance 別名 : 太空聯盟 游戲類型 : SLG 策略游戲 資源格式 : 壓縮包 版本 : 硬盤版/更新v1.208 發行時間 : 2012年 制作發行 : StarWraith 3D Games StarWraith 3D Games 地區 : 美國 語言 : 英文 簡介 : 游戲名稱:阿沃奇聯盟
"《阿沃奇聯盟》(Arvoch Alliance)硬盤版/更新v1.208[壓縮包]"介紹
中文名稱: 阿沃奇聯盟
英文名稱: Arvoch Alliance
別名: 太空聯盟
游戲類型: SLG 策略游戲
資源格式: 壓縮包
版本: 硬盤版/更新v1.208
發行時間: 2012年
制作發行: StarWraith 3D Games
StarWraith 3D Games
地區: 美國
語言: 英文

英文名稱:Arvoch Alliance
游戲制作:StarWraith 3D Games
由StarWraith 3D Games制作的3D太空戰爭游戲,模型制作精良,控制界面射擊也非常用心,是一款優秀的太空即時戰略游戲。戰爭發生在名為Arvoch的空間世界,在單人戰役中有30個任務,你作為Arvoch聯盟人類指揮官面對來自外星的挑戰,為了Arvoch的自由而戰,也為了人類的生存而戰。
Arvoch Alliance is a mission based single player and multiplayer 3D space combat simulation. You can take on the single player campaign, launch into instant action missions, join other players in Coop or PvP objectives (supporting up to 24 players), or even design your own missions and campaigns. The single player campaign will take you through the battles and events that eventually lead up to the liberation of the Evochron quadrant. You are in command as the story develops through 30 missions of diverse objectives spanning a variety of locations ranging from dense sensor restricting nebula clouds to hurricane force gas giant planet atmospheres. You will be called upon to patrol, escort, mine, spy, capture, rescue, and even build space stations. Each mission begins with a stage based briefing detailing the conditions and objectives along with a loadout menu that lets you select the ships for your flight group along with the weapon and equipment configuration of the ship you fly. You must formulate an effective strategy both before you launch and during the mission as events unfold and conditions change. You command your team with a series of available directives for attacking, defending, holding at a position, regrouping, and repairing/reloading. The available Tactical Console lets you monitor the status of all ships in sensor range to help aid you in making the decision on which orders to give and to which ships under your command.
* 3 Single Player Gameplay Modes
* 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Modes
* Advanced Order/Command System
* Player Controlled Ship Selection And Configuration
* Diverse and Interactive Environments
* Extensive Target Selection and Combat Tracking Systems
* Realistic Newtonian Style Physics Model
* Detailed 3D Cockpit and Instrumentation
* New Graphics Engine and Effects
* New Music and Sound Effects – Dynamic music system (with music by Rich Douglas).


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